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Formerly Hosted Projects

Below are a list of projects formerly hosted on the OpenPOWER infrastructure at the OSL.

Former FOSS Projects (22 projects)
Alberta Speculation Investigate multi-threaded speculation of alternative paths of execution in a sequential execution
CentOS Provided support and testing for alpha testing of CentOS Linux distribution on POWER architecture
Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging of human brain Drive diffusion basis spectrum imaging (DBSI) for clinical applications and large scale trials for a diffusion MRI modality which can increase the magnetic resonance imaging specificity for neurodegeneration diseases
dlib A modern C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and tools for creating complex software in C++ to solve real world problems. The projects ran tests and benchmarked PowerPC8 VSX optimizations.
Drupal Testbots Powered the testing and review of code contribution for Drupal 8 (qa.drupal.org)
GCC Contributed to improving support of various open source projects in the GCC family on POWER machines; began by tackling IBM Linux Technology Center items on bountysource.com
gdb Worked on adding fast tracepoint support for ppc/ppc64/ppc64le
The Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) A software package for analysis of high-throughput sequencing data with a primary focus on variant discovery and genotyping as well as strong emphasis on data quality assurance, hosted on POWER architecture to run faster
GLIBC GNU C Library: GNU project's implementation of the C standard library; supported the development and testing on the POWER platform
GMP Entailed the compilation of gmp-6.1.0 (from gmplib.org) and measurement of its performance with gmpbench-0.2 on the POWER platform
ICU The International Components for Unicode project runs their build machines on a OSL hosted POWER VM
JXcore on PPC Supports the platforms that the mainstream node.js does not; IBM has a PPC version of V8; Besides V8, JXcore also implements SpiderMonkey engine; project involved providing stable PPC releases on each version of Node.JS / JXcore
MulticoreWare x265 Use GCC PowerPC altivec instructions to optimize the x265 open source HEVC implemenation
MySQL Involved testing on POWER8, provide fixes to platform specific bugs and make more stable on POWER8
Nettle A cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or less any context
Nokogiri Provide support on RHEL 7.1 LE & Ubuntu 14.04 on ppc64le arch
OpenFaaS Making Serverless Functions Simple
Openlibm Provided hosting to support the development on the POWER platform of a high quality, portable, standalone C mathematical library (libm), used by the Julia project
OpenShift Origin Used POWER infrastructure to demo OpenShift Origin clusters at KubeCon 2017
oVirt Added support for POWER hosts for a virtual machine manager
Squash A plugin-based abstraction library for general purpose data compression algorithms which provides a common API for a large number of compression libraries, allowing people to easily test multiple codecs to see which works best, or pass along the choice to their users; it involved development and testing on the POWER platform and adding support for the big-endian architecture
Tobin's Linux kernel Supports a volunteer developer's efforts to test the Linux kernel on POWER
Former Academic Partners (1 project)
University of Alberta and Universidade de Campinas The goal is to investigate the use of the speculation support in POWER8 for the speeding up the sequential execution of programs. Single-threaded speculation has been used in the past, through trace-based compilation. The goal of this project is to investigate multi-threaded speculation of alternative paths of execution in a sequential execution. This is a joint project between University of Alberta -(UofA) and Universidade de Campinas (Unicamp).