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Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

Our hosting support staff members understand open source software and, matched with our carrier-grade facilities, offer the perfect hosting environment for your project.

We are flexible and work to meet the needs of each individual client. If you have a server to host, need to purchase a server or simply a portion of a server, we can help. We also make available a full offering of services to all of our hosted clients, reducing the amount of administration you are required to do in your own infrastructure.

To Request Hosting

The Open Source Lab provides hosting for projects and communities involved with open source software development. Typically we refer to the Open Source Initiative's definition of open source, found at http://www.opensource.org. If your project follows an open development model and is freely available under an OSI-approved license, you may qualify for hosting. For more about which projects we consider for hosting, see our Hosting Policy.

To request hosting with the Open Source Lab, please fill out this Hosting Request form

Please give us a few days to discuss and respond.