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On Leaving the Open Source Lab, Jonathan Frederick

by Jonathan Frederick on Wed, Sep 25 2019

My first Linux operating system was Ubuntu 10.04, when I was still young. It was my first experience with open-source software, which I didn't fully appreciate at the time. I just wanted an operating system to work on my Dell hand-me-down computer and didn't want to pay ...

Reflections on My Time at the Open Source Lab, Travis Whitehead

by Travis Whitehead on Wed, Apr 24 2019

Reflections on My Time at the Open Source Lab by Travis Whitehead

Working at the Open Source Lab has been the highlight of my computer science experience at Oregon State University. It was just by chance that I came across a job listing for the OSL. I had never heard ...

OSL Alumnus Matthew Johnson on working at Tesla

by Jerry Peng on Thu, Mar 07 2019

Matthew Johnson is an OSU alumnus who now works at Tesla as a senior software engineer. He is a veteran of the U.S Marine Corps Infantry and served as a law enforcement officer. At Oregon State University, he worked for the Open Source Lab and received a scholarship from ...

Hiring two DevOps student positions

by Lance Albertson on Tue, Jan 22 2019

Are you a student at Oregon State University who likes working with open source software? If so, then we have a job for you! We currently have two student systems engineer positions open which includes working with open source projects, gaining mentorship from professional staff, and interacting directly with clients ...

TDS Telecom Support of OSU Open Source Lab Tops $5 Million

by Mohamed Eldebri on Wed, Jun 20 2018

TDS Telecommunications, a telephone and Internet services provider has been supporting the OSL since 2005 by providing bandwidth and colocation hosting for the OSL's mirrors. TDS recently made a large bandwidth donation valued at more than $1 million, making their cumulative support to the OSL top $5 million. Click ...